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Mandala, the basic form in the most complicated and impressive stuctures but also in the most simple ones. Mandala is the visualisation of the Cosmic Law, a Mandala is in a cell, a snow flake, a bicycle wheel, the Earth and so forth ... In our times the awareness of the Mandala can stimulate Creative thinking, concentration and center us to the point where it is very quiet .... Free your mind with  Mandalas!

Mandala is Sanskrit for whole world or healing circle.  The Mandala is a representation of the universe and everything in it; it is the most basic form in nature. Khyil-khor is the Tibetan word for Mandala and means "Center of the Universe in which a fully awakened being abides." Circles suggest wholeness, unity, the womb, completion and eternity.
Mandalas are used as tools for reconsecrating the earth and its inhabitants, and are formed of a traditional prescribed iconography that includes geometric shapes and a multitude of ancient spiritual symbols. In general, all Mandalas have outer, inner and secret meanings.

Studio Mandala Design is since 1998 owned by  Anika Kanter Visual artist. My Mandalas can find their expression through their concept  in everything I do. I hope to share my mandala way of life  with its artistic expressions this on the website.


Studio Mandala Design has been designing websites professionaly since 1998.

Studio Mandala Design created  websites for Companies, Organizations, NPO's , interest groups, artist studios and additional group and indiviual projects.

Original Graphic Design, Modification of existing templates, conversion of a designer PSD into a funcional user-friendly compliant  website, enabling the CMS system to perform specific functions and solution seeking are part of my specialties.

Stock Photography

Anika, owner of a Canon Rebel SL1 has a stockphoto portfolio at

Follow this link to view one of my popular lightboxes: Oriental Objects.

My arts interests and hobbies will all have a place on the site.