Mandala Design Welcome

Mandala, the basic form in the most complicated and impressive stuctures but also in the most simple ones. Mandala is the visualisation of the Cosmic Law, a Mandala is in a cell, a snow flake, a bicycle wheel, the Earth and so forth … In our times the awareness of the Mandala can stimulate Creative thinking, concentration and center us to the point where it is very quiet …. Free your mind with¬† Mandalas!

Mandala is Sanskrit for whole world or healing circle.¬† The Mandala is a representation of the universe and everything in it; it is the most basic form in nature. Khyil-khor is the Tibetan word for Mandala and means “Center of the Universe in which a fully awakened being abides.” Circles suggest wholeness, unity, the womb, completion and eternity.
Mandalas are used as tools for reconsecrating the earth and its inhabitants, and are formed of a traditional prescribed iconography that includes geometric shapes and a multitude of ancient spiritual symbols. In general, all Mandalas have outer, inner and secret meanings.